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Browse through our FAQ to find answers to the most common raised questions.

Q: What is Entireweb Widgets?

A: Entireweb Widgets is a notification system where the main goal is to increase your visitors engagement when they visit your website.

Q: Do you offer a Trial?

A: No, instead we offer a free plan. You can start with this and upgrade anytime if you need.

Q: Does Entireweb Widgets slow down my website?

A: No, it does not.We use Amazon services which means that all requests that are made are loaded as fast as possible.

Q: Can I use my own branding instead of "By Entireweb"?
A: Yes you can. This option is available for paying customers.

Q: Does this work on mobile?

A: Yes, everything is mobile friendly.You also have the option to show the notifications on mobile devices or not.

Q: What happens if I have more impressions that are included in my plan?

A: We will stop showing your notifications to your visitors until the next period or until you manually upgrade to a larger plan.

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